Feed issues, tappet wear

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a tappet wearing at the pickup point resulting in the nozzle not travelling far enough back to allow feeding.

back story is…was feeding happily, now doesn’t and the very front of the tappet is concave which used to be convex

i know i can sector delay it for a fix but thought i’d see if its something anyone else has experienced


Had the same issue on one build, didn’t pay enough attention as to why it happened though.
It’s weird because my dsg build the tappet didn’t have any wear marks at all yet this one did.
I wonder if the tappet was catching on something or wasn’t sliding smoothly when the box was shut.

i have only two theories and perhaps a combination of both

a strong return spring
an insane ROF

its the first time i’ve seen it too and it definitely looks like wear but the tappet / pull bridge moves uninhibited.

considering metal but that means metal on metal which i am not a fan on

Right is dsg tappet, other two are wells
All used in high ROF setups, check out the far left one its the munched one. They’re different materials but I have wells tappet in my other build and it’s showing no wear like the far left one.
Oh yeah I Swiss cheese my tappets for weight loss lol, haven’t had one break yet.

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