Feedback - Want to Buy This But Not Sure

Hey all. Looking at upgrading from the 3DG I have an entering the world of GBB.

Super hard when I saw this one:

However can’t find any reviews and from the research I have done, Green Gas seems to be the better option.

Guess my biggest concern is what happens if I leave the C02 bulb in the revolver long term? Thats not good hey?

Really like the look of the new Golden Eagle Green Gas range and wondering if anyone could recommend one and do any take a suppressor?

Thanks in advance.

All I can say is that Im happy with the GE 1911a1. The green gas mag is a bit how ya goin but otherwise ok.
My muzzletek will not screw into the barrel though, so I’m not sure on what thread it is.

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For green gas it’s best to leave some gas in the mags all the time. Co2 on the other hand you will gradually wreck your o-rings leaving a cartridge in all the time.

For the golden eagle ones, you can put a suppressor on but need a thread adapter. They are a clockwise thread there the muzzleteks and most other gbb barrels are counter clockwise.


Believe me, once you let off a few pops and bangs with the C02 Blaster there will be no chance of leaving an unemptied Bulb in the Revolver, yeah, that much fun, you’ll be squeezing the last BLAST out of it time and time again.

As wisely stated above, it’s certainly not recommended to leave a Bulb inserted and pierced and that’s across the whole range of C02 compatible Blasters, many reasons, pierce, drain, replace and repeat.

Good luck dipping your toe into the Gasser World, you wont be disappointed, in general that is, that particular C02 Revolver you link and like I have zero experience with, looks kick ass though, and the GE’s seem to be super popular, and real real nice looking.


Went with the Revolver. Just waiting for delivery.


Ok it has arrived and the build quality is awesome. Really impressed at the weight and how it works just like a revolver.

Question though, please. How many rounds (Single 6 Shots) would it take to empty one of the C02 canisters for this blaster?

I just don’t want to put one in and then have to fire off 500 shots in a day so I can remove the bulb.


I’d be surprised if any gbb lasted 500 shots, they are generally 30-80, call them blasters too, not weapons :grin:

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Thanks mate. Yeah my bad. Easy to forget when I have this full metal beast in my hands lol.

That Wingun revolver looks pretty nice, made in Taiwan too, wonder who the actual manufacturer is ? Pricey though…

It’s made by Wingun Taiwan



Ok cool, thanks. Looks like they make a lot of air soft products, going by the Evike website, searching under Win-■■■.
The Mosin-Nagant CO2 rifle looks very nice.