Feeding Can't Keep Up With High Discharge Battery

I’ve got a question about my SAW.
It’s running 13:1 short stroked gears, a X-Force Gold Super High Torque motor (it might be an 18000rpm looking on their site), and a m110 spring.

It works like a dream on my smaller 11.1V batteries, which I have used HJ, Turnigy, and BOSLipo batteries.
I plugged in my big 4400mah 11.1V high discharge battery and it fired so much faster… but the gels were misfiring randomly and also lost a lot of range and accuracy.

Is this tappet timing? Or the fact the barrel is too long for that many gels at that speed? Or something else?
I’ve never dealt with this issue so I thought I’d see the experts…

Thats the mag motor not keeping up I believe

I did consider that for the feeding part, the only thing that gave me pause was the loss of range.
I might have to find a higher power mag motor if they exist…

Do you have a delay chip on the sector gear as this helps


No i don’t…just standard gear.

The chip just holds the tappet plate & nozzle back the little bit longer . I run them in all my blasters and one is running 13:1 gears and high torque motor and feeds no problems .
Get a couple from Beastpro $1.50 for 2

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Ill give it a try… can’t hurt.

I agree with @Farmercyst

Uograde your mag motors. :+1: