Feeding issue as well as heated wires. Please halp

Hi Blaster community.

I have an issue with my custom build jingji sorry and was hoping if anyone could help me.

So the issue is that I have feeding problems in my SLR. The gearbox is a jingji already gearbox with normal metal gears and piston. The aim of this build is a decent rate of fire as I have bought a new Element motor with high torque and a rpm of around 30k. It’s running a 1.3 spring with a new tappet plate, 11.1v turnigy battery, and a stronger return spring. I’ve also added a sector delay chip but it only helped a bit.

The gels only go like 10 metres without a hop up with crappy fps. I don’t get how people are getting high rps without any feeding issue. The second problem is that the wires get hot after 1 magazine. Will a MOSFET solve the hot wire issue?


No a mosfet will not solve the hot wire issue.
Sounds like the pinion mesh my be tight or something is tight causing a lot of amp draw

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Did you get upgraded electrical wiring or just stock wires

I am running basically the same setup except I have a Chihai red motor.
With everything setup well the wires get warm but not hot.
I use a turnigy airsoft 1200mah 3s pack and it barely gets warm.
Is you battery also hot ?

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Stock. I’ll be replacing the wires from jaycar.

Battery is fine at the moment .

Rattler, on a side note. Do you run a fuse? Those hi lipo batteries can burn the house down or your fingers like me if you cross the wires?

From what you have said it seems you have an issue with either tappet/nozzel causing a poor seal, until this is resolved the feeding will be a problem, I don’t have a delay chip and mine feeds great as long as the gels are atleast 7mm dia.

Yes it is a must especially if you plan to upgrade to high rpm motors and big springs, which btw I personally don’t like.

What do you mean by fuse? A MOSFET?

Just a fusable weak link which burns out first and cuts the power out in case you cross your wires or have short.

When I put the nozzle in the t piece, it’s a seal and the t piece to the barrel, it is glued together to further reduce air leak. I don’t get how people get like 60 rps and balls come out like a hose. Dual sector of course but I’m just running normal metal gears. When I put the stock motor in, same thing happens. It goes 10metres and crappy fps with stock.

No a mosfet is not a fuse its a modern electronic relay and if you have an expensive mosfet than the fuse is even more important to protect it.
I use a simple auto blade type fuse soldered inline

Jaycar ? Lol got a link for one.? Much appreciated!

Any servo or auto store like Jaycar.
Its the fuses like in you car that plug in.
I use s 30amp in mine

I ain’t good at this fuse stuff. Never thought of it. I don’t know what they look like as you said the ones that just plug in. I’m just thinking of the fuse that has a wire and a ball in the middle. Also do you just wire it anywhere.?

Have you tried the original tappet

Yep I have. I have a new tappet plate that is specifically for the jingji SLR. Thanks for the link above but how does that go in the wiring and setup?

Wire it in directly after the battery on either wire just cut one wire and solder it in between.
Also heat shrink it too

Can I do this without cutting the battery? So just leave the battery untouched and then after the connector for the battery, I solder it there?