Feeding issue + shuttering gel :(

i’ve recently upgraded to a 40cm sealed barrel + 1.2mm spring
not using any hopup as it not longer fit due to the longer inner barrel.
so i was doing some proper testing today after securing the inner barrel to the outer with tape,
and i notice couple issues which i didn’t notice initially after the barrel and spring mod.

firstly, the gels will stop getting fed completely, but the feeding motor inside the magazine is still turning, this is in both auto and single mode, when this happens i have to shake it and turn it upside down couple times then it will start shooting again.
or sometimes it will continue firing but miss a couple shots here and there where nothing comes out, but come fine after a couple more rotation of the motor.

second issue is there seems to be a high chance of gels coming out in tiny little pieces,
in single mode i would said about 1-2 out of every 10 gel, i am not sure if its the gels or the barrel itself.
the gels were given to me by my friend in a big bucket load when i purchase the blaster, my guess is its been sitting in there for a while, and there are all different types, however i cannot really tell what colour are the ones that’s shuttering :frowning:

somehow i have a feeling the two issue might be connected?

lastly, after i stabilised the inner barrel (fairly solid now :joy: doesn’t seem to have any movement the inner barrel), i notice while the accuracy did increase, every now and then there will be some gels that decides to wonder off into different direction after about 8 meter or so :laughing:
and when i say wonder off, after x amount of distance, it literally just curves randomly towards different directions, at least 50-100cm away from the regular grouping (about 30x30cm area with minimal wind at a roughly 10m distance).

so far, apart from the above issue the blaster is performing bit better from it’s stock form,
so i don’t know if its caused by the gels, or the barrel and spring :confused:
does anyone have an idea O_O?

Start with getting a fresh bag of gels and testing them. Gels make a huge difference.
Make sure the t piece and barrel is clear, clean out your mag.
See what happens

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t piece and barrel were cleaned when i did the barrel securing, and the mags are always taken apart and cleaned / dryed after play :pleading_face:
i got a bag of Ausgel Armor Tech hardened gell balls 7-8mm
are those any good O_O?
i will soak up some in the morning and test those and see what happens.

but would that cause the feeding issue?

My mate has an ACR that was spraying all over the place with yellow Armour Tech, tried some green AT’s I had and tightened up grouping nicely. The Gel types vary in size a bit. Try a few different ones see what yours likes to eat. Happy blasting!


i see!
will test out the armor tech white hardened gel first since thats all i got atm
i suppose i will buy a couple bags of different ones and see which works better with my ebay 7.5mm barrel lol

any suggestion on brand or type O_O?
also what does the different colour mean?? if anything ?

Armour tech Milkies are a good place to start

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My mates ACR is 7.5mm alloy barrel. Ausgel are about the best you can get. There are others but that’s a good place to start.

Low Guido has done youtube videos on a lot of different gels showing size and hardness. Worth watching for info.

Use fresh grown gels for best results. If they’ve been sitting in a bucket for 3 months they’d likely be no good and mushy, giving you your described problems. If they are the multicoloured bulk lots off eBay they are poor quality gels to start with.

Keep any unused grown gels in an air tight bottle like a soft drink bottle in the fridge will be fine for a couple months. Gels start going soft any longer. Keep them wet. Others may have some better tips.

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Thanks for the tips man
I been concentrating on mods so much I forgot to do research on the most basic stuff :frowning:

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My acr has a 40cm 7.2mm barrel and the only feeding issues I had happened with the warintrest gels. Gold pack Milkies worked fine. I had an accuracy issue when I had a 7.0 tight bore barrel.
I still get the first 10 or so gels mash out of the barrel but that stops after the barrel is wet and lubed. I’d try a hopup that screws on the inner barrel like a rizer and see if that helps your accuracy

Yah I order that last night.
Wanna see if it will fit inside the silencer tube I ordered haha