Feeding issues on acr

Hey guy i have an acr which i have upgraded and it seems to have feeding issues. i got the Gen 8/9/10 cylinder head and nozzle set from M4A1. is there another cylinder head and/or nozzle i should maybe put in instead? i also put one of there t pieces in that seems to be slightly different to most other places.

thanks in advance guys

Some pics of said parts might help o.o??

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ill get on that this arvo when i get home

it happens across my 2 magazines and a gen 9 one i borrowed as well

see if the floorplate in mag well can flex upwards.
magwell (1) magwell (2)

Or of you are using the gels that came with the blaster …stop they are rubbish

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All akas all day lol

Odd… Sounds like gel issue
Was it shootin fine before you upgrade it?
Also was AKAs used prior to upgrade?

From memory yes, and yeah always akas

Hey @Kamchop what kind of cylinder head and nozzle are you running in yours?

Can you provide us with some photos mate?
Of the nozzle and t piece?

When you say feeding issues, what exactly is happening? Not feeding at all?

I can do pics when I finish work, but not fully some get through every now and then but it’s very hot and miss. Mainly miss

Cheers mate.

I would be interested to see your old & new nozzles side by side and length measurement.

Also a.comparison with the t pieces.

Id definitely check out what kam mentioned but it sounds like the nozzle isnt retracting back far enough or something is blocking or causing the gels to not feed.

Another thing you could check is pull the neg wire off the motor, put an empty mag in, hook the battery up and make sure the mag motor is working constantly when you pull the trigger. Just wondering if its a dodgy mag connection or something. @Stirlo

Also was it only the cylinder head, nozzle and t piece that you’ve changed? Did you grease the cylinder head shaft? Common to get friction from the oring nozzle.

I did grease it yeah, but no I also put a 1.18 spring. Piston with metal teeth, cylinder head, nozzle, t piece and a 7.5 barrel. And metal gears

Another thing to check would be if its got some hectic vacuum going on with the new piston head perhaps. I would think you would be seeing smashed gels come out of the barrel thoug.

What style piston head did you use in the build?

Grab some pics of the nozzle, tpiece etc and maybe test the empty mag with the motor wire disconnected and see what happens.

But its hard to say without seeing some pics or pulling it down and sussing it out.

I hope we can get it sorted for you!

Ok here we go I hope this helps you, help me lol

Did u change to the metal inner barrel with the nozzle/cylinder head or

I did yeah to a 7.5 Id alloy barrel

You mentioned the new t piece looked different to the old one, it looks pretty much the same to me? Have you got a pic of the old one??

I use that cylinder head and nozzle combo in a gen 9 and mk mpx no issues.

Might just be the photo but the cylinder head shaft does look dry.

Did you try the magazine thing I mentioned?

Also did you glue the barrel in?

It would be interested to remove the barrel and sit just the t piece up against the front of the gearbox with the cylinder head, nozzle and tappet plate in and just see the movement of the nozzle inside the t piece.

Make sure its retracting enough to clear the feed tube.


brass cylinder head with alloy nozzle.
Compare (1)
In this pic it’s got the brass nozzle

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