Feeding two balls at once

So probably one in every 6-8 shots this blaster will fire two out the barrel instead of 1.

Significantly reduces the range of course.

Anyone figured out a way to fix this?

Hey @MikeT is everything standard?

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

Yes, everything 100% stock standard.

Tried it with hardened oranges and blues.

Opened it up and checked all parts were appropriately placed and nothing had been stripped or chipped. Looks brand new (it practically is, probably less than 1000 balls through it).

have you got a digital caliper coz check the i.d of the barrel you mite find they more have inconsistent sizes

i’m with mikeT. the g18 is twitchy as fk about projectile size.

i find the orange ones i have been getting from GBA are the most reliable.

i’d love to feed it milkies but the mag impeller isn’t sized correctly

wait isn’t the Glock take 6mm then just throw. the little hard ones in it

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hmmm you are using it too low :grin:

What did you find? Was the barrel 6mm?

Has anyone got any ideas on this one yet. Mines doing the same thing

Gel size

What are you feeding it?

Just armour tech milkies… only do a 2 hour grow…

Grow a little longer

Hey Mike T,

I think I have the solution. Here’s a link to my post on another thread.

Let me know if it works for you.




Another sick puppy (good to see) first like

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