Field charging batteries

Been looking at doing a local milsim game that is being held early next year but as the game is an 18 hour game and over night i was wondering how i might be able to field charge the batteries.

I currently intend to take my modded gen 8 in which i have a couple spare 11.1v batteries but with both my beretta and glock 18 having in built batteries makes taking spare batteries near impossible unless i wish to disassemble them to swap 7.4 batteries.

Has anyone tried power banks or any similar ways of charging mid game?

You will need a dc charger that works of your car battery :+1:
Or if you just want USB you can buy an USB adaptor to plug in to the power socket in your car or a power bank


And, I am afraid to say… you will need to buy more blasters… so a couple can be on charge while you are using another… (and a spare car key so you can leave the car’s lighter socket on AND lock the doors :+1:

Then, you will need either one of these…


To make sure your car will start so you can get home after the day of skare-mish…:+1::grin: (so you can make it home for dinner)


I use a Turnigy charger.

Indeed it with a deep cycle that I wouldn’t carry onto the field but I could just as easily use a couple 10k+ lipos which would give me a few charges throughout the day


A charger such as a imax B6 can run off a car battery as well as mains…

I do intend to buy more blasters but i have to ride to the skirmish and i dont think my bike battery will survive long lol. On a plus side easier to second gear clutch start then my car lol

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I used a b6ac+ for many years

I can’t speak to the quality of the clones but the real deal is a solid unit I would happily recommend.

I only for the Turnigy because of its portability

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I have a couple of genuine imax B6 (80w) chargers and a clone I bought along with the first real one… I read horror stories about popping batteries with the cheapies… so it has never come out of the box and I got a second genuine one instead. (The genuine one comes in a white box, the fakes come in a black box)

The imax is only my charger of choice because it is what I got first, I got used to it and it has done me well… I am sure the other equivalent, named brand like Turnigy will be as good, if not better. Everyone will have their favorite… mine just happens to be the B6 :+1:

Yep been using Turnigy chargers for several years on RC stuff. Still going faultless that I haven’t needed to buy anything else since.

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Any of the 12v dc chargers will be what u after. Imax b6 will do. If you want to charge in the boot get a cable that can handle 15 to 20 amps and put alligator clip on one end, that will connect to battery positive. Straight after that clip put in a 20 or 30 amp fuse so if that wire shorts somewhere your car wont burn down.
At the other end of that connect it to the positive side of a female cigarette socket.
Then get the same size cable as ur positive lead that you just made but in black.
Connect that to the negative side of the cigarette lighter and then a alligator clip on the other side and only make it long enough to be able to earth to a tow point or something metal at the back of the car - no need to connect to negative terminal on battery.
I have been using that setup for years.
I have then got a portable li-ion jump pack just incase but never needed it.


I live the over engineering and truth be told…right there with ya

The B6 is capable of pushing 5a though so you could get away with a much smaller conductor.

10a will be bucket loads


I always go bigger over longer runs, I think mine is about 6 ot 7 meters. Plus I charge at 10 amps with 2 chargers when flying my RC planes

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If you are on a bike I’d just get a few big Lipos to run your charger off of to keep things compact and light.

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Off topic but I feel the need to ask this. Is this the milsim at skirmish hq at withcott?