FIELD: Gelsoft Australia Mount Tambourine - when are you going? what did you think?

Has anyone been to the field at mount tambourine. Just got a ticket for Sunday but haven’t found any info on the field.
I assume it’s a mini milsim day

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Are you talking about Gelsoft Australia? The field run by Tac Edge?

Its definitely not Milsim but it is a pretty cool field with some great features. They play games like capture the flag and defuse the bomb etc. Things to be mindful of -

The parking area is not close to the prep/rest area so make sure you have your kit sorted so that you can carry it in as you won’t be able to work from your car. You can still shuffle back to your car midway through but it’s a few hundred metres away.

Take plenty of water as it’s going to be a hot one and there wasn’t a lot of shade in the rest areas when I was there last time. With 200 players, the lineup for sausage sizzle is huge so be sure to get in early

Fun field tho, I enjoyed it alot so you should have a great time.


Cool field with a lot of interesting features and well run. My only complaints are that it’s a fair sight more expensive than other fields and I can never get a ticket before they all sell out :joy:

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Yeah that’s the one , someone pulled out so Im taking there place.

Some footage


Do you walk from your car to the staging area?

They drive you in a humvee or Old troop carrier.
But U can walk if you want depending on how much gear U have

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Sorry if this should be a new topic but just wanted to know about prep for playing at the Mt Tamborine field. Are players taking tables, chairs, eskies, gazebos and satellite dishes :laughing: or is some of that stuff already there? And can you take all this stuff on the transpo or have to lug it up?

And how many gels are people taking? I don’t know what the unit of measure is (litres?) but I’m guessing it’s at least a few packs, depending how trigger happy you are.

Any other tips?

I took one of those fold out beach carts with my esky full of water, gels and snacks, fold out camp chairs for me and my son. They have bench seats there but mostly used for storage of ■■■ cases/bags. 3 full packs of gels was plenty for my son and me and take a spare blaster you’ll never know what will happen.

The car park is roughly 200m from green zone and they have troop carriers that will transport you to and from.


Went out here a few weeks ago.

Green zones are approx 200 and 400m (either side of play area) from the car park. It’s ideal to take all your gear to the green zone but it’s not so far that you can’t get ruck it back for backup gear etc. They run several trips back and forth in the transports so load up is my advice.

Hydration is key, recommend 3 litres and preferably some method to keep it cool (esky, cold bag, etc). A reasonable supply of snacks is a good investment too.

There’s a sausage sizzle around lunch time with drinks for sale too. Eftpos is not a guarantee so take cash just in case.

As mentioned, bench seats and prep area is rudimentary. Best to get your loadout sorted as best you can at the car to make life easier. It rained the week before we went so was a bit of a mud fest. Worth considering if weather similar in the lead up.

There’s a trade off in keeping cool and keeping sunsafe. If you don’t mind working up a sweat, cover up (I ran long sleeve G3 shirt, pants, hat and mask) which minimises amount of sunscreen to reapply. Otherwise, make sure you’re reapplying when possible.

Teams alternate game modes. Usually 20-30min on and off so you’ve got time to sort batteries/gels, snack, etc. It sounds like a bit of downtime but over the course of the day you’ll be putting in the work. I’m in decent shape but was more thankful for the breaks as the day wore on.

Gear wise, a backup blaster is always good (at any field). I ran two packs of UEs and two batteries. Got me through the day, no worries. Always best to have more of both commodities than less.

It’s a pretty good day out there. Hope you have a good one!

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Bored so I figured I might as well talk about how Battle for Supremacy went.

Finding the field was easy enough and was closer than I thought coming from Bris.

I get it now about parking and trekking to the field. Yes, the field and safe areas are visible from where you park but if you have to go to the far end safe zone it’s a bit of a slog if you’re carrying a lot of gear. So we took the truck to the safe zone but walked back when we were finished. The beach cart idea is a good one.

The field itself wasn’t as big as I’d thought. From YT vids I thought it’d be more sprawling or at least have areas separate from each other. At times teams would just stand at their end of the field and long ball each other for poops and giggles just because they were bogged down and were over playing the objective. The field layout isn’t necessarily a bad thing—I prefer built up, semi-urban fields vs straight bush fields—but not for the number of players there, which leads to the next thing.

The games were run as kind of standard casual session stuff (variations on gather missions or domination or conquest) but with 1 of the 3 teams sitting out each game. Coming from paintball, big events only had 2 teams but with could have various sub-factions, and the field would be live for hours, breaking only for lunch usually. In hindsight, I suppose they were run more like milsims with changing objectives throughout the day, but didn’t have so many strict rules that kept the casuals away. I get that some people may not like to play for long stretches, but I also don’t see the point in paying a higher ticket price to spend more time standing around waiting. And calling it Battle for Supremacy made it seem like something more ambitious was going on game-wise than what actually happened.

I know it seems like I’m mostly being negative, but the day for what it was was run well, and I think the refs did a good job. If anyone hasn’t played there, I think they should but it’s more about the field than the setup of games and teams.

My feedback would be less players (but yes, I get that more players means more $$$) and longer games and make better use of the field elements.

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Sounds like you had a pretty similar experience to me.

Certainly I think there’s some wasted/dead space across the field for many of the games. Altering bounds of play and respawns for various games might make for tighter experiences.

Half the field was shut when we went , the area they call Vietnam.
You have the bit with all the tanks and buildings , then there is a jungle area , but all the barricades and stuff got washed away in the flood. Was that area back open when you went

The Battle for Supremacy was advertised as there largest player one since covid I think. I didn’t attend this one but went to the previous two. The first was only 2 teams and they had massive breaks in between rounds and by the time everyone got off their asses to the field more time was wasted waiting for everyone to gear up the day dragged on but game play was good people were involved was a great day I just thought the stoppages were to long.

The other one i attended (easter saturday I think it was) had 4 teams which was well run 2 teams were sitting out to rest but you had notice before your teams game was about to start so you could gear up and as soon as the other 2 teams were done you were out their ready to go.

Not sure, though I didn’t really try and explore the whole field.

This is a crude drawing of the play area AFAIK (because Google maps hasn’t updated), so I’m guessing the jungle area you mentioned was to the west maybe.

Maybe, my mate who had played it said they drove a tank with a bridge on top into the river so U could cross over into the area

@zeHamish did you get a ticket for the last hurrah

So question for anyone thats been to this field, is their much opportunity to use a “sniper”, ie elevated ground at a distance from the main action at some of the arenas. I will be bringing an assortment of rifles to play with for the most part. But i have a springer barret m82a1 from xforce that i have only used to plink and reckon with the right conditions could be fun.

And it goes pretty good, with little/no wind its hits my 45cm diam target 9/10 @ 30m with a rizer, and with the spring and seal upgrade is hitting pretty hard.

So are their positions on the field where i might be able to use it, even only for 10-20min? My arm gets abit sore after 20min anyway Not many photos on the gelsoft site.

There was literally a video of a bloke with gvn cam using that exact blaster at Tambourine to pick off unsuspecting people :rofl: :rofl: Yes there are some barricades, etc with some elevation that can be shot from.

:sweat_smile: haha should have looked on youtube as well. Thanks. I reckon i will bring it along after watching that.