FIELD: Gelsoft Australia Mount Tambourine - when are you going? what did you think?

Has anyone been to the field at mount tambourine. Just got a ticket for Sunday but haven’t found any info on the field.
I assume it’s a mini milsim day

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Are you talking about Gelsoft Australia? The field run by Tac Edge?

Its definitely not Milsim but it is a pretty cool field with some great features. They play games like capture the flag and defuse the bomb etc. Things to be mindful of -

The parking area is not close to the prep/rest area so make sure you have your kit sorted so that you can carry it in as you won’t be able to work from your car. You can still shuffle back to your car midway through but it’s a few hundred metres away.

Take plenty of water as it’s going to be a hot one and there wasn’t a lot of shade in the rest areas when I was there last time. With 200 players, the lineup for sausage sizzle is huge so be sure to get in early

Fun field tho, I enjoyed it alot so you should have a great time.

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Cool field with a lot of interesting features and well run. My only complaints are that it’s a fair sight more expensive than other fields and I can never get a ticket before they all sell out :joy:

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Yeah that’s the one , someone pulled out so Im taking there place.

Some footage


Do you walk from your car to the staging area?

They drive you in a humvee or Old troop carrier.
But U can walk if you want depending on how much gear U have

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