FIELD: Guerilla Blasters @loganholme - when are you going, what did you think

formerly: Guerilla Blasters

post apocalyptic urban cqb


Damn just went last night because next Saturday is AFL grand final. And my offsider works Friday nights…
Friday’s are good and get a lot of good players. I’ll probably head there next Sunday morning though.

If you’re willing to pay the fuel and entry fee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. (But no seriously). After this weekend I’m dead broke for a while. I’ll get there eventually :joy:

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After the tar I’m pretty scant too

But this is my chosen physical activity for exercise so I sorta have to

For health yo

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I’m pretty sure (I hope) Toowoomba skirmish hq will have a game next week so I won’t need to travel far. So I’ll still get my exercise.

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Night game sounds good to me +1

friday or saturday

i’m hoping to book my arse in today for hte game

I played there yesterday afternoon and had so much fun, got some great footage. I hadn’t been there post-covid so it was great to finally play the new layout. In my opinion, Guerilla is by far one of the best fields for intense firefights, the field layout and shipping container aesthetics with the dust and gravel looks like it was plucked straight out of a warzone. Great field.


Photo from atop the viewing platform at Guerilla Blasters at Loganholme, Afghanistan…circa 2010.


My favourite spot also :+1:t3:

so sat night or fri night?

Did you guys decide what night ? Fri or sat


The way my week has been, sat seems the go

Ok, Bobby was asking what day to book.
Sounds like sat

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Had a hit out this morning, 8-11. Perfect weather, nice and cool, mostly dry after yesterday’s storm. Little bit of mud in shaded spots like under the kill house and around the ramp. Not enough to be an issue, though wearing boots was a good call.

Good crowd, hits were called, no dramas seen or heard. Good teamwork from randoms calling enemy positions, covering, working together. Probably 30 odd players. TDM, Medic, Domination and TDM to close.

Side note, no grenades or claymores allowed. Smoke grenades are. I’ve never seen one at a venue but FYI.

Unfortunately my ARP shat itself first game but fortunate enough to use a friend’s spare. Also thanks to a good Samaritan for loan of a sling.

Not venue related but today was first session I’ve had where glasses fogging was non existent. Will detail in appropriate thread. Made a huge difference to quality of experience. Stoked.

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