FIELD: Guerilla Blasters @loganholme - when are you going, what did you think

Mate, I’m this close to finishing it, and will do a build thread very soon. Thinking of painting first, but still not decided on colours…

But since you asked nicely…


I agree the teams weren’t evenly sided. I definitely have had better sessions here. Yeah I had a few CC and drys that went down super. But you wouldn’t believe it, I’m back here now for the 8-11 :joy:


Ha I actually wouldn’t mind playing again today to regain some personal honor lol but just about to go to work…
Good luck!

Anyone going this week? How about Saturday?

We need more folks for the Saturday 2-5pm sesh! Anyone? Can fit in lunch before and beers after. What’s not to like? :+1:t2:

I like to battle on a light stomach, so food after, beers before :rofl::rofl:


Can do that too if u like! :grin:

Is their a way to tell how many spots are left for each session on their website , like gsa?

No. It does show u how many have booked. U could call them I guess.

Don’t think there is a limit for this field, only a minimum of 10 for any session

Yeah ended up going. Was a good game a much better group to play with compared to my last two runs at yatlala. But god damn it was hot, kudos to whoever is going tommorow i am going to the beach. Need to find some better wrap around glasses those daisys from xforce are pretty ordinary just kept fogging up.

Thinking of going here soon, can anyone tell me their rules and regs?
I know elite gels are banned, but what about the xtac booms?

heading here this sunday again, second story has been a game changer for me.

banned and so are tac edge ones

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Hardest gels you can run are x-force blacks/akas and armortech ultras. Goggles as a minimum for eye pro.

On Sunday just gone I think during the briefing they said Sat night session anything goes no gel restrictions. Not 100% on that but that’s how I understood it.

I recall on a recent visit they said they did a test session or two with no gel limits to see if they could do it normally. They said it went well because the players were being responsible. So it may become a policy.

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Saturday 5-8 savage session 18+ only
Keep an eye on their Facebook page or there website which is linked on there facey page. I think they need a limited amount of numbers to play so always book online. Also it’s nearly $5 cheaper to book online anyway :blush:

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Oh right. Cool. Have you been to one of these sessions? I’m thinking about this coming Saturday to try it out. Will need some proper head protection!