FIELD: HardCore Blasters - when are you going, what did you think

You were born in tan pants and a black polo weren’t you boss?

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I was with the kiwis blue team

Hah! We were Charlie red, glad we didn’t vs you guys!

Almost everything I touched today broke

Turns out your gels can be too dry!

  • AKA 7.2mm wouldn’t feed through the p90 mags
  • The zhenduo p90 3dp mag fell apart.
  • @Xetarat’s AUG t piece failed on me at a critical kill moment
  • Earlier in the day my AUG t piece broke the same way. I’ll paint the replacement with epoxy.
  • My JJ SLR piston head came off. Than fk I fuse

Tnk fk @Xetarat’s MP5 was “free” for me to use. Nice little piece of kit. Makes me want to build one

Oh…nipple shots friggin hurt but the young lass in the bustier wouldn’t know about that…body armour and style.


Mp5. Not mp7. But considering I’ve been expecting that one to break I’m amazed it was the only one standing at the end of the day :joy:

Oh. And she definitely gets extra points for the distraction abilities. And managing to play an entire game in heels

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Autocorrect initially put it in as nic

With the right gels it’s a consistent headshot clear across the field

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I’ve gotten it tuned to a dime on the black label gels. The funny bit is I can’t take it over the 250-260 it’s shooting at before I start to lose accuracy. But with how accurate it is I don’t care about 40fps

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Accuracy first :+1:

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BOOKED: Jan 8 @ 1800

Bummer. I can only do sundays atm

hmmm, I’ll look into that slot

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kathy has confirmed that games are cancelled and refunds will be given

fk :frowning: i was really looking forward to getting out tonight and shooting some muppets

Tbar skirmish is still on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

except i’m not “allowed” to go there…

Buuuuut. I am :joy:

Jan 29 @ 1800

24 jan 2pm


If you swing down Sunday afternoon game I’ll bring my tar for you to ogle :joy:

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Speakin of the good old TAR - how’s yours going?

I thought Ze had a Tar if his own :thinking: