Fighting bro 3.0 split v2 gearbox?

Has any1 tried these gearboxes are they any good? and does any1 know if its possible to fitinto the j10 acr ?

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Would like to know this too. May be interested in replacing the Warinterest V2 gearbox in my LDT HK416, mainly because the nozzle diameter on the Warinterest box is half the size it should be, a major cause it appears for the inaccuracy of these blasters. 4mm diameter when it should be 8mm ! Unfortunately directly copying airsoft specs, not suitable for gel blasters.

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I purchased one to put in my hk416 it had no thread for the stock and the trigger goes over centre and prevents constant fire the box feels more ridged then the original and it is down on speed I have a metal geared hk416 and it is full 80 FPS faster I am very disappointed with it out the box the wire connections are no good either

I have sold many of these and have about 10 on hand at the moment. Personally I’ve found them to be great. I haven’t experienced any problems with the wiring or trigger and haven’t had any bad feedback from customers. It comes standard with a thread less spring retainer so all I did was cut down the buffer tube bolt and attached a nut inside the receiver. I think it was a HK416D receiver, there was still plenty of room to fit the gearbox in. I’m running a 1.5 spring in one as a test rig and I haven’t broken one yet.

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Word from several acquaintances is that the top section tends to shake and slip under heavy use and interferes with tappet and piston movement.

On the other hand Kiron (FPS Blaster) swears by them.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that they tend to be very overpriced for what they are, I wouldn’t pay more than $60 for one, yet I’ve seen them sold for $120, at the end of the day they are still just a nylon gearbox case.

this is the best version.

this is the one I chose.

That’s a pretty good price considering it comes with internals

Yeah, the price in US dollars always looks better than Aussie micro dollars…

$45.00 AUD is still a great price

Plus the $12.50 wiring kit, plus GST if from an overseas site… where is monkeymods based?

So, for a $32 gearbox, $60 is not a bad price (plus freight and GST on that too)laughing%20(1)

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I have a FB3 split gear box here, was going to use it in a SLR build, not the best fit for SLR receivers, liked the idea of a split box for maintenace. I will stick with the SLR v2 gearboxes for now. Good quaility. good price. Brass threads for screws, all Nylon, STD v2 running gear, easy to get parts for. Built in mag prime.


Yeah, the eBay price is ridiculous. They used to range from $60 to $70 from different vendors off AliExpress. I imported a good 20 or so and sold them on eBay for $180 each. That is ridiculous but it is the market price and they sold the fastest out of anything. I was also getting a heap of LDT boxes but I’ve found the last batch impossible to shim the pinion to bevel because before I even put a shim in there the bevel is already too tight to fit the motor pinion in. The FightingBro bro 3.0 and 3.0S’s are so much easier to shim anyways but I can see how having a split gearbox could create a weak point. The 3.0S’s are supposed to be a harder nylon. They’re black instead of blue and the tappet plate is nylon instead of polycarbonate (I think) but that’s about the only difference I can see although I’ve only been buying the shell kits.