Fighting bro 4.0 gearbox for SLR CQB

Hi anyone used a complete fighting bro 4.0 gearbox? Any opinion of performance/ quality? It’s for a SLR CQB. Cheers

The split one yeah? Ive got one in a TTM receiver. I like being able to take out 2 pins and i can see inside the gearbox.

Ive had to replace the shitty clear blue cylinder head and nozzle . Apart from that pretty weak shim job on mine. And bearings not bushes. I swear they didnt push the bearing in all the way when shimming. Added nearly another 1mm of play.

Have no idea how well they go into slr tho sorry.

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Ok thanks for feedback, what cylinder head and nozzle did you use for a replacement? What motor you running? Cheers.

I got a generic alloy ldt head and nozzle from GBMaster here in Perth for only $12.

I just got a cheapy chi hai motor but seems to be doing ok so far

Also I think the gearbox comes 1.2mm ,155mm long spring

Thanks much appreciated, I thought there would be possibly more people using this gearbox? Cheers

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I got it after seeing a guy who only uses these in his builds and liked the easy teardown so gave it a shot. Bit tricky at first but the split goes back together really nicely.

I forgot to put the back pin in with the top of receiver off but with complete gearbox. Without the pin the top of the box flew across the room haha.