Fighting bro DSG

Who’s using?
For sh&ts and giggles I built a dsg with budget parts although I did use titan mosfet.
I think there actually really great for the price.
ROF on my setup was 56, gears and parts still look good after I punished them in testing.
Going back to 12:1 now

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56!!! Wow nice work, that’s up there with HPA. I’m will be dabbling into HPA in the coming months once I order some kits to drop in.

How well did the electronic mag keep up with that sort of ROF and why are you now going back to 12:1 and not keeping the DSG setup?

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Couple of misfires but seem to run fine, DSG is cool but a high speed SSG @ 40 RPS is more than sufficient for gels and it’s easier to get FPS.
If it was ■■■■■■■ running bb’s I’d run a dsg, maybe when I pick up a retroarms or mk tactical gearbox I’ll build it again.
Some guys pumping out over 60 rps which is just insane bluiding


I’m having some troubles with feeding and fps on my dsg set up. Can you tell me what spring you’re using and the barrel lenth? Thank you.

Have a look at RPM blasters on FB, Rowan touches a lot on DSG builds in his latest tech video.
Poor FPS could be things like
Tappet profile too long/short
Return spring too weak
Bad nozzle seal, doesn’t seal in t piece fully
Bad piston o ring, doesn’t grab instantly
Weak spring, M150 and higher usually recommended.
Cylinder head seal leaking
Barrel length too short/long

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