Fighting Bro Split Gear vs Air soft V2

Hi guys, new to gel blasters but not air soft. What are the differences between the two. Are the gearbox shell different sizes? I’ve not seen a gel blaster shell close up but it looks like the cylinder is shorter? I noticed more material on the front end of the gearbox on the FB split gearbox. thanks

The main difference is…

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They are very similar… gel blasters have between 7mm and 7.5mm barrels, ears-oft are all 6mm I believe :thinking:pop

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hi, I should have been a little clearer. I live in the UK, played Air soft for years. For a new project I’m working on I’m looking to fit a Fighting Bro split gearbox into a standard air soft m4 lower. From the pics I’ve seen the front end of a gel blaster gearbox (where the cylinder and cylinder head meet) are different, I assume this difference is down to cylinders for gel blasters being shorter?

The gel blaster box is longer at the front to allow more tappet travel to use larger dia. Gels , the cylinder length is the same at 72mm

Ahh right so in this case the V2 tappet plate would be longer. A’soft v2 tappet plate is 105.6mm in length

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I don’t think so, it just moves forward more but go’s back the same

that’s interesting, I’ve ordered one up from aliexpress, should be interesting to see