Fighting Bro v3.0 or Kublai k1

Considering one of the two gearboxes. After any feedback, particularly quality, thickness of nylon (FB does look tempting with the split design)

Will be going into a slr receiver. I’ve gone through 2 jingji boxes (first one spring retainer doesn’t sit properly and pops out quite easily & bearings keep popping out(the sector bearing housing has warped on the one with crappy spring retainer part and second one is showing signs of wear where the sector goes). Not a novice at building them but far from an expert.

I’m not chasing high FPS or ROF (would be happy with consistent 300 FPS) and I’m not looking at metal v2 box for this build (unless I have to)

Thanks for any info

Bumping to latest in case the veterans missed this?
No idea myself, sorry…

Or did you figure it out yourself eventually?
It’d be good info to have here for other peeps future projects too :wink:


I havn’t relied as you said you weren’t interested in an alloy box. But that’s all I would recommend. I would not go out and buy a bare gearbox that was not metal.

Either the Retro Arms or the MK Tactical.

It may be also why nobody else has replied, but I’m not sure.

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Similar for not replying.

Although I have a JJ SLR box and it’s a good work horse

Presently building a retro arms split

I havent had any experience with either of the boxes you’re looking at but I did hear a stock kubie this morning and it sounded solid

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Welcome to the forum brother apologies for late reply last week have been working hectic hours (12-14hr shifts). From what I’ve heard and seen performance wise go the Kublai it’s out the performance beats FB v3 and mods are easier to find ( most of which are straight Airsoft parts or azrael, and Ares) and I found the only good thing spilt is a Receiver. When the GB is there tends to be more complications with keeping it together (aside from retro arms CNC spilt billet metal gb)

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Thanks for the replies. This one is sticking to a nylon box mainly because this build has blown outta budget and I don’t want to dip into the funds I have allocated for my next build which is a metal box.

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I was speaking with Kiron from FPS blasters and he tells me the nylon FB 3.0 v2 split gearbox is a very good box and is what he is currently using for his custom v2 builds.


What receivers is he putting the FB 3 v2 Splits into? I received mine in the mail yesterday and cant decide. Ta.

I can’t remember what he said sorry.
Ring him if you like 0402146258 Kiron

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