Finally Finished!

Finally finished my build after god knows how much time and money and experimenting.
Couldn’t be happier!
MK box.
13:1 Gears.
Gold M150 Motor.
1.4 Spring.
Custom Bruisemaster barrell, nozzle, t-piece, outer barrel.
Full metal receiver
Post Apocalyptic “damaged” paint.

depending on which balls i use it hammers out anywhere from 380-420fps comfortably and a pretty crazy ROF.
once i stop work and get a few days off over New Years i’ll do a Chrono Video for ROF, FPS and Accuracy.

thanks to all in here who gave me advice on bits.
appreciate it.


look forward to the video. Awesome

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Love the paint job. Did you do that yourself?

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thank you!
yes sir!
just youtube “post apocalyptic paint” teaches you how to do it


Absolutely awesome mate. You should post this pic all over the net.