Fire select issue

As per title, I am having issue with the fire select. The small “knob” on the inside of the receiver, the other side of the switch, isn’t catching on the plate, and holding it forward. So I am constantly on full auto.

I have pulled the box apart and checked to see if it’s all sitting right, which it is.
It just seems as though there is so much pressure, the thin plate is bending upwards and the small “knob” is sliding underneath it…

Pics attached below

hey Jager…welcome to the zoo…i;m sure we’ll get you sorted…

what are are those marks on the side of your box?

what does the fire selector look like on the inside of the receiver?

sounds like there is some history with the blaster that may be useful for us to sort this out with you


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Hey Jager, welcome to the zoo.
That wear mark looks like the selector switch has been pressing hard up on the gearbox, Can you send a pic of the lower receiver/ selector switch. Does the selector switch feel normal without the gearbox fitted?
Does the selector plate on the gearbox feel normal if you move it with your finger?
What else has been done the gearbox?

That plate looks the same (in terms of how it is sitting on the box) as the one I have in front of me right now. But my gearbox doesn’t have those wear marks. Is something causing the gearbox not to center up in the shell? And like the other say, can you get us a pic of the selector on the inside of the lower receiver?

Random thought…

Your box does babe that little through pin in the trigger area when fitted into the receiver?

I can’t see it resulting in those marks but why not ask eh

Hey guys, attached is a picture of the lower receiver inside, where the switch is.

As for the switch itself, it doesn’t feel off or anything, albeit a little tight when done up too much. Any looser, and the inside sticks out too much for the gearbox to sit properly, and pushing it out just pops the exterior switch out slightly.
The marks on the gearbox definitely do seem to be from the inside of the switch, as the gearbox is lowered into the receiver… Another thing I noticed, is even when I manually push the fire select board foward, to engage the safety, I’m still able to pull the trigger, as if the latch isn’t catching on anything internally, despite it moving up/down as usual. Obviously, hard to tell when the gearbox is closed… And hard to execute without the gearbox closed as trigger just springs out…

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It sure does have that pin. However that slots in and out the other side without issue :slight_smile:

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i will likely need to push the selector plate forward and hold it there to test the safety engagement

You’ve probably already checked this, but is the “knob” on the inside of the receiver (the piece that contacts the selector plate on the gearbox) screwed up tight? I had one on a v2 box that had come slightly loose and would rotate on the shaft. Not much, but enough to stuff up the fire select.

Already manually pushed forward, and the safety is not engaging.

you need to hold it there though.

I tried this, but if I go any tighter, I’m physically unable to move the fire select as it is done up so tight

Can you hold the inside “knob” and try to move the outside switch?
It may be screwed up tight, but worn enough where it connects to the outer that it rotates slightly when trying to push the selector plate forward.

I know, and I did hold it there as I tested the trigger, and the trigger still pulls all the way when safety “engaged”

Just tried that, and it is definitely not worn enough. Couldn’t move one without the other no matter how hard I tried. Which definitely explains the marks on the gearbox. Switch is moving, but it’s just rubbing against the box without engaging the safety plate

looks like you’re in gearbox rebuild territory

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Just stripped the entire gearbox apart, including wiring, and reinstalling it all from scratch, hoping to tidy it up and see if that fixes any issues… But if not, $45 for a new gen9 gearbox isn’t out of the question haha. Keep this as a spare/project

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I suggest that you buy another blaster to play with NOW… then keep tinkering with this one…

It is no fun chasing issues when you only have the one, problematic one… that isn’t working killbunny kill

So, I reckon, order another gearbox… and another J10… asap :+1:

Gowooooon… you know you really want to laughing%20(1)


hell no!

branch out…get an AK