Firing mode selection is not working

My new motherboard (straight shape) for my KV2 got blown out so I have to use back my old motherboard (L shaped). My problem is the firing mode selection. The new motherboard is using 3 pins but the old motherboard uses 4 pins. I changed the socket from 3 to 4 but I cannot shoot on full auto, only single shot. I may have wrongly connected the wires from the board to the switch. Can anyone share picture or diagram of the wiring. Thanks.

on the switch from


same on the plug with pin1 blue

Thank you for the fast respond zeHamish. I have tried it. It works on single and triple shot but on full auto shot, the motherboard shutdown and I have to remove the battery to make it work again (for single and triple shots only though). The board kept on shutting down when on full auto.

Attached it the image of connection I made (I ran out of white so I used yellow :grin: instead). Is the connection correct?

the wiring appears correct and from the above i’m going with a damaged fet,

there’s a post on the board about strapping a second fet to a kriss fet to protect it and get the fire modes.

recommend you grab some new fets and have at it

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Hey mate sorry to drag up an old thread but reckon you can pm me? Got a few questions I’d like to ask.