First Blaster Build

I am relatively new to gel blasting and I thought I’d try to build my first blaster. I was thinking of building a JinMing M4A1 Gen 9. I was wondering if this is actually possible and if so, would someone please be able to give me a list of compatible parts that would be needed to build a fully functioning blaster. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Gday Will,
Enter the dark side at your own risk! Building is fun, frustrating, and addictive. Which of course ends in spending more than you think you will or wanted to!
As for Gen 9, great blaster and easy to work with. Parts are easy to find and compatible with lots of others. Possible? Not sure why you’d ask that! If you want to you can!!
My advice, buy a complete one and then do bits at a time until you have the desired build you want. That way will be heaps cheaper than do a ground up build and will give you a blaster to learn from as you go.
Have fun.


Hi and welcome…

I would suggest buying 2 of them… try them both, keep the best one stock, then start modding the other one (so you have one to play with while souping up the other)

It is impossible for anyone to give you a ‘list’ of parts to buy because there are so many clones of clone Gen 9’s… and people selling cloned parts as genuine… and you don’t know if the gen 9 you buy is real or a clone… so, someone could list the parts THEY used on their ‘Gen 9’ but it may not (is probably not) be the same as yours badluck

So, I suggest you get 2 off the same seller (so they are at least the same)… play with one and do like the rest of us and buy lots of wrong parts to fill our drawers dizzy laughing (1)


Buy 2 gen9 and then all the gear to upgrade you may as well buy one of the metal body aps gearboxed blasters from Azreals or tactical edge for $600 - $700 and use and enjoy it.
You will end up spending around that much anyway

Would you be able to just buy the nylon gearbox, barrel, hand guard and those sort of parts and then just assemble it?

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Welcome to the group, Will…

Yeah I second Calcifer’s suggestion about buying two.

Apart from always having a working blaster at hand, if you get two the same you’ve got a hard point of reference to where you started from with your mods. :+1:

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If you built an SLR from ground up. Cheapest source for that with compatible gearbox is monkee mods.

Then a handguard if after pretty cheap but nice quad rail. plenty there if thats not the design you like.Just dont get hk416 handguard

Then upgrade some parts to metal

Then a flash hider as well to finish it off ($12-$35). Comes to $182+ shipping excluding battery and a decent charger. Nothing cheap about doing a cheap build. It becomes pricey when you wanna upgrade the crap bits later

Buffer tube

cheap stock

outer barrel

$192.50 + shipping… cheap becomes expensive with these.
Don’t even have any good alloy upgrade parts in this either. Can expect another $200 or so if you upgrade the internals and stainless barrel down the track and then your at almost +$400 and still have a nylon body and gearbox.


Thank you so much for that information! Incredibly helpful!

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