First blaster questions

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the blaster world and just order a alpha king AK 105 as I have read they are great out of the box. I have a few questions as I’m a total Noob. Any help is much appreciated

  1. Should I get a better battery? If so which one ?
  2. Will I need to buy a better charger ?
  3. Once I prepare my gel balls how long are they able to be stored?
  4. Do I dry my gel balls before I use them ?
  5. Whats a good hop up for the AK 105 and is it hard to install ?
  6. How do you find your alpha king ? any tips tricks?


This is actually the beat noob question list I’ve seen to date

Battery, yes. Turnigy nano tech is a safe option
Charger, yes. Beware cheap clones. They may be ok, they may not be, pay the extra 10$
Storage, depends on the gels…better question is how to store
Dry, not really…but I drain post grow and drilled holes in the bottom of my speed loader. You don’t want to drown your mag motors


Thanks for the help ze.
whats the best way to prepare and store my gels? also whats a good charger, a b3?

Prep depends on the gels and what size you need them to be.

Grow time is key.

Charger, B6 is a solid charger. E4 is well regarded

I bought one one these a couple of years ago for my drone batteries and it is fantastic. I paid about $70 for it from memory.

EDIT: probably overkill for anyones needs :laughing:

Love my Alpha King AK!

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