First break down video of the Kublai P1

This little piece has me excited. Any @Vendors out there taking pre-orders yet?

Kublai G17 Chron readings are between 175.85-186.02 FPS (53.6-56.7mps)


NO one in their right mind will be taking pre-orders on this just yet until we know if we can get it in the country. Stay tuned but it’s a bloody nice blasters, I tried it last week and I couldn’t put it down


I bet! Put me down for 3x sir!


Hmmm looks nice…

May be difficult to get this in the country though. Looks very close to a air s@#$ blaster.

If they can come in I will get 2 please.

Oh. How much are they again?? :smile:

Mag capacity = about 12?? LMAO!
Bonus = you need a tooth pick to assist laoding???

Yeah man the second this is available for preordering I will be getting two. Cannot wait! Also, 180-200 fps is pretty damn respectable for a gel pistol.

Apparently they are already working on a P2.

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Put me down for two… I’ll have fun making body kits for those!!!

Feel free to pm me once their on our soil. I’ll take 2 as well👍

Looks awesome ! I do have a Glock unit that does about 400fps, but then again, is not exactly a gel blaster, ha ! Something I got many years ago…

:cry::triumph: mad jealous lol could you get another I’ll buy it

No, sorry, was a special import ! Certainly would not try doing it again, especially nowadays. Have not used it for years though. Gel blasters are a lot safer, especially with kids.