First build - ACR J10


New to the game, finally put together my first Gel Blaster. The ACR J10.

Pretty happy overall but think I need to do some more internal modification.

What I have done;
Green O’ring
1.2 spring
11.1v 2000
43cm alloy barrel
Sawed the butt to allow the 11.1v rectangle battery to fit.
Picatinny rails
DK J10 hop up

Then added;
Red dot

Interested to get any more mod options as I would like improve accuracy.

Thanks heaps peeps.


Nice build bro!!! My only critic/advice would be to move your sight almost directly above your mag well, reason being is that if you are in a CQB situation and your barrel is up, corners are being checked, pie cutting and you just happen to tap the front of your gun into a wall or corner of a wall then that scope is coming straight back into your eye socket!!! Put the front allen key bolt directly above the handle you pull back to clear the barrel…Almost where the hand guard bolt is that once taken out the hand gaurd is removeable, I hope that makes sense? Other than that…Looks epic!

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Thanks man, will do that. Have not done a lot of shooting yet so looking forward to it. Hope to get in a game one day soon.

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Just give it a go man, zero it in once its up further a bit on that rail. With a slight stock adjustment and that foregrip you will be acquiring sons of bitches within seconds! Yeah man gotta get out on the field and have some fun! Whats next for the build man?

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Maybe some internals, cylinder, head and plunger. Spring as well. Wanted to stay nylon gears but if the recommendation is to go metal I would look at it. Hope the community here might be able to get some awesome recommendations.

It really comes down to what you preffer brother, metal gears and battery upgrade with spring etc etc you are aiming for FPS, fire rate etc etc. Ive run the nylon gears with a barrel stabiliser, DJ hop up, O ring and thats it and ive absolutely nailed the accuracy side of things out to 25-30 meters centre mass, I personally am about accuracy but I will buy another ACR to just go to town!

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Thanks Bro, accuracy is what I’m chasing. Semi seems ok but single shot doesn’t seem as much. I’ll do some investigation but appreciate tips. Thanks

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Just keep in mind that a gel blaster can never be accurate in the regular sense… as I have bored everyone with in several threads, our toy blasters are best when they are regular in where they shoot… or regular in their inaccuracy…

If you set the iron sights perfect with where the barrel is pointing… the gels will likely strike nowhere near where the sights point… so, you learn where to point the barrel to achieve a target hit

I have found the most accurate way of hitting a target is to start spraying and then track the stream of gels onto the target… that is what our toy blasters is all about :crossed_fingers: :+1:


Thanks man. I’ll definitely do that. Got some cardboard to make target out of so that should give me a rough idea.

I find good, cheap targets are a big core flute sheet or pice of cardboard like a fridge box and screw on some plastic party plates or aluminium pie dishes from woolies… even paint/coffee can lids… so when the gels hit, you can see or hear which target you aim for/hit…

You can almost play music… like this guy except not quite so loud…

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Sounds like a plan, thanks man.

Ive got roughly a 3-4 inch grouping consistently at 25 meters full auto, single shot I would be confident in saying almost 2-3 inches. Ive learnt the trick to dry the balls out best you can so it grips onto the hop up right hahaha! Just learnt that #rookie but overall my sights are dialed in almost perfect for center mass both red dot an iron

Wow… I just came back from the 25m range and can’t get groups that tight with my real one… your blaster must be awesome :+1:

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Damn man, that is what I want. Gonna play this weekend and put a few hundred through so see what mine comes out like. Nice though bro.

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Hey Ken
Interested to know more. What about a stock and price list?

stock and price list have,if can know you whatsapp or skype,then send list to you.

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Hi there Ken.
Can you post them on here please mate?
I don’t use social media at all.

Thanks in advance…

Hey Ken
Same, I don’t social media mate so if you can post some info I’m sure it will be of interest and benefit to other forum members.