First Build M4 Full Metal Red Rockets

Finally got this build finished a months or two ago.
Starting on the new one now.

She’s got all the goodies. 340fps @ 23rps

New build in the works.
Going for 400fps @ 32rps
Retro Arms skeleton reciever, box, handguard, suppressor.
Getting a Bruisemaster T piece, inner and outter hex barrel, TED.
Leviathin mosfet.

Thanks to everyone that helped with advice on the first build.


They are awesome. Would you mind sharing the parts list on the the first one?

Sure bud.
MK92 box
M120 shs spring
Bruisemaster gold tightbore barrel
Standard gen 9 T piece
Shs plunger
FB piston
Gen 9 tappet
Gen 9 cyclinder head and nozzle
Shs v2 spring set
MST cyclinder
16.1 shs gears
FB anti reverse
Leviathin mosfet
MAXXMODEL speed hair trigger modified to fit levi
Big dragon 140 but changing to 160
Tried a Tienly 45000 lol. Yeah na…

Asia soft metal marine reciever
Ali express alloy goodies
Few more retro dress up parts ready to go when I pull it apart next.

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Very nice mate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
What brand is that grip with the finger grooves ? I bought one like that but it doesn’t fit anything, a link would be appreciated.

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Out of all the grips I bought. These are superior.
Better than magpul ones. Metal vented base. :+1:

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