First let’s go crazy build and have some fun

Hay everyone I just got this bad boy and it will be my first build up to play my first game of course after the corona.
There’s something sliding in the front just wondering if this is normal for this Blaster :thinking:

Post up some hk build and show off a little lol and what would you do or like to do different with your build

Have fun and stay safe

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Something sliding? More information?

I’m about to pull the hand guard off to have a look but it sounds like maybe something sliding up the barrel

There is a support ring and it’s loose in there, you can put some tape or something to hold it in place


Lol makes me wonder what it’s supporting if it’s moving :rofl::rofl::rofl: thanks mate Will it hurt anything buy moving around

Yeah it’s stupid, it won’t hurt anything but if it was mine I would fix it :+1:

Yeah I just did it’s a silver cylinder sliding up and down between the tubes :man_shrugging:t2: A bit of tape fixed it tho