First Post - AKA AK

G’day folks

I’m new here and to gel blasting - I have however been around real firearms for most of my life as a result of my military re-enacting hobbies and competition shooting.

I have re-enacted as a Russian VDV Paratrooper and various other forces for a long time now. (Some of you have probably seen me at Supanova and various other conventions along the East Coast, however now I live in WA.) For the longest time I had never gotten the chance to get myself a kit-specific rifle, namely the AK-74M which is the standard service rifle for the Russian Armed Forces. For ages I was using a brittle, plastic Nerf blaster painted black to go with my kit.

For years I scoured the Internet and dealers for a deactivated, replica or imitation AK74 but came up empty handed every single time - until last year I discovered gel blasters and “gelsoft” and I’ve been hooked on these things ever since. When I came across the Alpha King AK-74M it was then I knew, I had to have it.

I have yet to attend my first “gelsoft” game as I live very rural and travel gets a bit hard for me. For now, my Alpha King AK-74M stands as the “crème de la crème” of my loadout. I hope to upgrade it with some metal parts and maybe a more solid buttstock.