First post - My kit

Hey guys,

First post, however been building for about 2 years.

Top - J9 bitsa Sniper(bits of everything)
J9 Nylon receiver
Short mag
Handgrip with stand
12 inch picatinny rail,
Bipod mount
Chihai red 480 motor
1.2 spring
metal gears (shimmied with new bearings)
Chrono 260fps (at silencer)

Middle - V2 FRANKENSTEIN (again bits of everything)
FB V2 gearbox (18/1 shs shimmer with 8mm bearings)
Magpul receiver
FB tight bore
SHS red torque motor
1.3 spring
Chrono - 320fps

Bottom (Sons stuff)
Fair stock, apart from the singularity gearbox and metal exterior.

Mp7 bone stock.

Past 2 years of building have been a PITA at times giving up in the hobby. Over time and lessons learned I’ve gained a fair bit of building experience and helped mates and their kids with the hobby.

Hopefully can learn from the rest of you guys on new builds and tech.



Welcome mate.

Nice collection you have there :+1:


how does the sniper go? nice collection

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The sniper is all aesthetics. It’s basically a Gen9 with a very long inner barrel in nice clothes.

Just fun to pickup and play wannabe sniper.

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everyone’s kit is of a flavour dressed up as something else…

my thing is…does it function admirably for its dressings?

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It does the job, wouldn’t call it a sniper by any means but works as good as any j9 body.

10-15 meters hits a can easily. The scope works to a degree. Any further, need to adjust the hop up to factor in drop.

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Hi and welcome… nice collection you have there, I’m all for mixing and matching.

A storyany of us would be familiar with

No matter…cute af kit

Dayuuuuuum! I’m left feeling a little underdressed!

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hi there :smiley:
thats a mean looking sniper! love it!
just wondering what is the barrel length and ID on that sniper build?

The outer barrel is 40cm, however I used the existing barrel from the J9 to piggy back on top off. The inner barrel was a 50cm (need a longer inner barrel). So roughly 60-70cm of outer tube plus the suppressor.
The hand guards were an eBay job along with the scope and grip. I had to shave the back of the hand guard as it didn’t slide on the picatinny rail properly.

Also needed the picatinny lock nuts for the rails to fit on the receiver.


so your outer barrel is actually lot longer than the inner O_o?
what kind of hopup did you use if there is one?
also wouldn’t the extra length of outer barrel + silencer effect accuracy since the gel could hit the outer barrel?

Haha ha told you it was a Frankenstein.
That’s a good point. When I was testing it, I only had the single outer barrel in so the inner barrel was exposed.
Thanks for pointing out. Never really considered that!
I generally don’t have the hop up on this blaster as I just spray and pray it for fun.

How you got me curious! :blush:

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i am more curious, pay more attention,
and often think a lot into it when it comes to aspect that might have something to do with accuracy :sweat_smile:

reason is because for my M4 i originally wanna go for a sniper look too, with the LVOA-C viper handguard, and wanted like a 450 or longer inner barrel to suit,
but all the volumetric ratio and such suggest that if i go too long, it might no be beneficial,
but your build have proven other wise with that 500mm inner :thinking:
what is the inside diameter of ur 500mm barrel tho? 7.5? or tighter :no_mouth:??

none the less, it looks really mint :heart_eyes:
at the end of the day, as long as you are having fun with it, that’s all that matters :grin: :ok_hand:

Hmmm. a 500mm inner to a standard M4 setup… M4s usually come with a 275mm barrel length, so 500mm isn’t far off double… I’m out to 340mm on my M4 and definitely wouldn’t go any longer with it.

Sniper fans are usually okay with sacrificing performance for aesthetics… chasing an efficient sniper setup can lead to tears and self harming :joy:

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A 450mm 7.3mm id barrel will work fairly well on a 100% cylinder, the sacrifice in fps will only be very minor.
You would sacrifice much more fps by using very short CQB style barrels

I haven’t really focused much on accuracy on the sniper setup. I’ll look at improving the setup of this sniper down the track when you can actually get consistent accuracy with Gels > 20 metres (and when I have enough $$$$).

My Gen9 M4 ended up as a DMR accidentally…
It’s running a 390mm (I think) 7.5mm barrel.

When I test fired it in the house, I got great accuracy at 15+ meters… putting gels where my ACOG and laser targeted.

It’s sitting at 310 FPS with the 1.18 spring…340 FPS on the 1.28

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