First time ever have both blasters working

Had some time off last few days so decided to get both my blasters up and running.
The gen 9 needed a new trigger spring and the P90 needed a new return spring, both of which i cant get in a shop near me so i made both from scratch.
They are both heavily modified, the gen nine pulls around 280fps and has pretty good accuracy and the P90 pulls about 380fps with dismal accuracy.

I’m looking forward to when we can all go outside again but if its not happening soon i’ll prob invest in my third ■■■ and do a speed build, thinking a MP7 this time.


Sounds like the P90 needs a hopup

yeah can only find the 3d printed ones for like 30 bucks. be good if I could find the file so I can just print one myself.

I was going to say get a rizer metal one but can’t find any on AliExpress and the ebay ones are $30 + $10 postage WTF? They were $12 last time I got one!

did you have to modify to get that drum mag to fit the gen9?

sure did. had to grind the locking notch out so it met, plus the tolerance on my mag release had to be ground down. it is a metal one though. I’m going to jb weld and sand the mag down next as it’s slightly thinner than the stock mags so it feels loose when held in

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I love my mp7, they aren’t easy to get parts for and done handle fps well :rofl::joy: I ended up doing a little surgery on mine. It now has an m90 gearbox in it…kinda fits. There is a tread about it, I think it’s called m90 into mp7.