First upgrade have questions!

Ok I did my first upgrade. Put a green o ring . Barrel 33.5 and a 1.3 spring. I can see the power but accuracy sux . I used a do hopup and it improved abit but felt the motor getting hotter than usual. I was using an 11.1v battery also. Is there anyway I can improve the accuracy ? Will the gears give out? Their white plastic and the casing is black so I guess nylon.

All the motors get warm, there is no airflow in the hand grip and our hands just add to the heat, also your 1.3 spring fill be putting it under more load, its just a thing, dont worry too much about it. As far as accuracy, well, use a hop-up, its the only chance to help with these toys really, cos thats the thing, they are cheap Chinese toys after all. The gears should be okay, I haven’t had issue with mine but I have a 1.2 not a 1.3 spring.



This is my ACR. Green o’ring, 1.2 spring, DK hopup and 11.1 batt. This was probably about 12/13m. I only have about 18m total I can use but would be pretty similar to between the two distances. Don’t think I showed the cardboard but if you turn up the volume you can hear the hit. So my setup would definitely hit chest area. I think that is about as accurate as I might get it.


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Ok sweet all good then. I’ll probably wait till I get all the metal gears and all to make sure it can take it thanks mate.

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:joy: wow nice palm tree.

Keeps me nice and hidden from me neighbours. :crazy_face:

I’m still running all nylon gears. Eventually I’ll upgrade all the internals but happy for now.

They are bloody messy… constantly dropping branches… PIA ceazy

Good cover tho… nice and private…:+1:

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Yeah, trust me we are over them. I expect they won’t last much longer. I do like the cover and privacy though. :crazy_face:

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It is just a case of ‘suck it and see’ with the white plastic/nylon gears with 11.1v… they will either survive, or not. The plastic tend to break bits off… the nylon tend to bend (teeth) at the pinion… make sure you have the motor/pinion wound up meshing with the first gear enough (but not too tight either) and try to avoid single shot… it will be on a start that the gears strip… so using auto (less starts) will mean the gears will survive longer.

Gel blasters will never be spectacularly accurate… that is why they are automatic (spray and pray) … I actually like 2S rate of fire… it doesn’t empty mags so quick :grin:

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I’m the same, seems like with mine there is too much spin in every direction, even though I have a hop-up. At 20m the grouping is about 1m big.

I added a hop up to my J10 after alloy barrel, o’ring and 2.5 unequal and shimmed . Wasn’t much difference and wasn’t convinced. Put on a different hop up with 3 adjustments and spent more time tweeking. Finally got it really good! Just converted to 11.1 lipo and now gotta start again for accuracy! :man_facepalming:t2: Considering longer barrel, cylinder, piston etc If I can’t get it back to where I had it! Hmmm what to do.

Keep on tweeking on :grin::+1: