Fishbone handguard mean better accuracy?

Hey guys new to the forum and building my first blaster. I’m currently upgrading my jm m4a1 gen 9, and pretty well done internally. Metal gears, new plunger, green o ring, 1.2m spring, 7.2m stainless barrel, 11.1v battery and new motor. As expected iv had some accuracy loss since the upgrades and was woundering if getting a fishbone with inner barrel stabilizer will make much of a difference with accuracy. I’m finding fairly often gels are spraying way wide even at ranges of 10m also gels are exploding. It’s possible this could also be cause by the cheap no name hardened milkies iv been using have some akas on the way and hoping that will help.

Btw I also have a rizer hop up v2 it helps somewhat with range but still getting random gel spray

You might find that one of the factors perhaps are the gels you’re using mate or at least the grow method. A 7.2mm ID barrel is starting to get towards the tight-bore side of things and at that ID some gels might squeeze down there ok but others will break up but if you do a bit of experimenting with grow times you should find that you’ll get your average gel sizes down to about the 7.0 - 7.1mm mark which is about where you want them with that barrel.
I get pretty decent groupings in my Gen8 using a 7.3mm staino barrel using WI 2.0 milkies. I grow them for just on 4 hours using Reverse Osmosis water (which has 0.00 - 0.01 EC) and that results in most gels averaging about 7.2 - 7.25mm. My Gen8 has a V2 Rizer with an M100 spring BUT it does need to be said, I’ve stabilised my inner barrel to my outer barrel as best as I can which is also a pretty important factor.
An aftermarket front handguard that is able to stabilise your outer barrel well might help, as long as you’ve well and truly stabilised your inner barrel as well. If that makes sense…


Hey Michael,
Having as much stability as possible with 1- inner barrel to the outer barrel and 2- outer barrel to handguard makes a big difference.
I wrap my barrels in 2 places with just enough plumbers tape to make it firm in the outer barrel and then make sure your outer barrel is held firm to the handguard, with the hop up held by the flash hider or suppressor and depending on the outer barrel and handguard combo, a stabiliser of some sort on the outer barrel. A finely tuned hop up helps and good gels grown correctly make a big difference.
Get all this right and you’ll be pin pointing earlobes at 20-25 mtrs no problem.

I also have a 7.4m barrel and was having similar issues with innacurate and exploding gels. But it’s very likely to do with my quality of gels and my grow times. I’ll do as you said and try and stabilizes the barrels a bit better using plumbers tape. I use demineralised water is that similar to reverse osmosis? Also Dave what suppressor and handguard do you recommend for a gen 9? Iv looked at a few fish bones but having bit the ■■■■■■ on one yet

I use 7.3mm barrels, and live them. I haven’t tried anything smaller due to hearing of all the issues. I also use mainly aka gels or Ausgel armour tecs or ultras. Grow the to 7.2mm on average and dry them before using them.
When it comes to hand guards it’s really a personal preference of what look and length your after. A good fitting metal one with the right adapter and stability. I’ve got a noveske on the Gen 9. Looks great and is solid as a rock. I’m also using sweetheart hop ups. They work great for me.

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The suppressor is also whatever looks good to you. If you find one that sits snug in the handguard it will stabilise the outer barrel
I’ll get a few pics up for you tomorrow

Yeah mate, demineralised water is basically the same. The less minerals in the water, the more consistent the gel growth. Well, at least that’s the way I understand it.

Make sure you read through past threads here as well. There’s tonnes of info regarding the ‘all elusive accurate gel blaster and how to attain the mythical beast’.

Awesome cheers some photos would be great. Purchasing is my only concern because I live in Vic everything is ordered online so knowing if something is going to fit snug or not is a challenge as I can’t test before I purchase. So if you know any decent combos that do fit I would love to see some