Fitting a bruisemaster barrel to t piece

Im trying to preempt any things that can go wrong before my bruisemaster arrives.

When fitting it to the t piece (being tighter bore) does this mean that the diameter of the outer barrel will be to small to fit in the t-piece?
And if it does what have people used to buffer the gap?

No mate it will fit fine.

will be fine. I didnt even glue it in. sits nice and snug

sweet, thanks.
i thought being smaller inner would mean small outer but it must be thick enough to cover for the 0.4mm.

mine was loose as hell.
fitted to a gen 9 t piece, had to glue it in, had no hope of just sitting there.

Yeah thats what i was wondering, if the inner bore is smaller does that make the outer diameter that 0.4mm smaller also?
If it does id want to find some snug fitting washer tappet type thing to go around the barrel.

You have to read the dimensions on the ad for each barrel… or ask the seller… 9.5mm (not Km) seems to be normal od for most alloy barrels… I guess so that the inner barrel mounted hop ups all fit :+1:

Might be different for copper/stainless/brass or whatever barrels:thinking: