Fitting a single point sling mount into a stock M4 Gen 8 Buffer tube

This one is a work in progress but hopefully finished tomorrow. I mentioned in another thread I’m not going to pour anymore dollars into my Gen 8 as there are a lot better blasters available now. But I sure dont want to throw away my baby so else can I do with some of the spares I have lying around. I know - DYI the shit out of something.

In this case adding a single point AR15 sling mount to the stock plastic buffer tube. I have no idea if this is going to work but what the hell.

I’ll come back tomorrow with an update on success or failure


I completed this job and it seems to be a success but the true test is out in the field. Anyways

Sling mount here:

  1. Split the buffer tube (4 x #1 philips heads)

  1. Cut off the ring

  1. Drill out a hole in the tube that is a bit bigger that the quick release mounting hole

  1. The next part all I can say is its a lot of grinding and shaping to get it to fit. You’ll also need to grind off the screw mounting points inside the buffer tube

  1. Once you get it to the stage it fits in and both shell halves fit back together then you need to epoxy it up to secure it in place

  1. You might need to enlarge the hole in the front to allow the quick release to snap back in, but then its done. I also wrapped some leccy tape around the outside to keep it firm

  1. Screw it back together (3 screws this time). The epoxy should hold the bottom together.

  2. Wait from the single point sling to arrive from China…sigh


End result


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Hahahaha “You aren’t going to pour any more money…”

That is a good line… I will have to remember that one rofl

You are just as addicted as the rest of us…

Nice job BTW :money_mouth_face: :+1:

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Haha, yeah sitting there this arvo watching a movie but thinking of next parts I’ll be buying…:grin:

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