Fitting an AR15 end cap to M4 Gen 8 stock Handguard

So I decided I’m not going to get a metal handguard or buffer tube for my M4 Gen 8. the parts are getting harder to find and I dont like how the Gen 8 receiver is constructed so gonna save my biccies for a better blaster, gen 9 V2 style or such.

By the end of the first match using that blaster the handguard was already coming loose and I had an AR15 end cap and barrel adaptor spare so thought why not DIY the shit out of it.

I already had fitted the barrel adaptor which was quite a lot of messing around and cutting pieces. I didn’t document it so wont go into detail here, but massive improvement in the stability of the weapon even with the plastic handguard.

Anyways, back to the front end cap.

I had a little bit of milling to do to get it to slide over the barrel but easy enough with a cylindrical burr fitted into the drill.

So I split the handguard (you can see the barrel adaptor and the Bunnings 19mm black bathroom towel rail barrel there.


The next part was to cut off the front end. Be careful to cut straight otherwise you will be buying that metal handguard after all.

You dont need the front screws, as the picatinnies actually lock both halves into place anyway so just slide over the new front end cap and fix it with the grub screws and Bob’s your uncle.


MAN! That looks scary eye%20boggling I would yell hit if I saw you aim it at me laughing%20(1)

Nice work!

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Lol, makes my job easy if I don’t have to fire a shot :grin:


Easy but not as much fun :rofl: