Fluoro rods and paints on open sights

Open sights are handy and
Fluoro rods and paints are cheap
and come in various colours


Fluoro you say. Do tell.

First time in my life I bought nail polish :rofl:

I thought it was a bot fibre optic not fluro

I like the idea, where are you getting your paint from? And is it just dayglo, or does it actually glow for a time in the dark?

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use radium. It will be ok.

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tritium vials is what you want :rofl:

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Spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor glow well…

Seriously, not a bad idea for us old farts with depth of field issues :+1:

Lol I allways just used white out liquid from office works

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At Bunnings…

But at THAT price you’d want to have a shitload of sights to flouro up :joy: nail polish from Priceline or white out from Office Works sounds good to me…