Fluro/glow gel balls

Thought I would give this a shot.
Would make it much easier to see at night games.

Fluro markers x3 cut open and then mixed with hot tap water.

Squeeze out as much ink as possible and add gels.
Just put them in 20 mins ago and it lools like a small amount of ink has absorbed.

I will come back in couple more hours and check on them.


Very cool! Would also be keen to see if they’re reactive to blacklights.

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Just watched a few videos on youtube and black light or UV light is what makes the highlighter ink glow.
I just bought a UV torch of ebay that takes an 18650 battery and has a 50M range.
just the right size to fit into the holder I have that goes on the picatinny rail.

And this is the final result.

Exact same milkies for comparison.
They definitely dont glow in the dark but hopefully with a black light shinning on them as they are shot out it may work.

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Doesn’t mineral water also glow with a black light?

I think it has to have an ingredient in it and not all mineral water has it.

Have thought about using the liquid from inside a glow stick for night games

Yep that is my next experiment if this doesnt work. I had highlighters on me on saturday and glow sticks required effort to obtain.
I am hoping the balls soak enough glow juice in to be able to see at night. I think with the glow stick juice you would have to activate the stick then crack it open then hydrate the balls then use tjem straight away as most of those sticks only glow for 6 to 8 hours.
What is really required is a glow paint that needs only a bright light to charge then glow for an hour.

Yeah i know might be an advantage to be the only one with out glowing gels.
We played a nught game a few weeks back and it was just annoying not to be able to see where the gels are going. Worth a shot, nothing to loose


Yes or I was thinking after they have been hydrated just poor a couple glow sticks into a bottle and then shake the balls around so they all get coated

Then that would cover your barrel and mag with potentially toxic glow juice. No thanks. Even if its not toxic. Not worth the cleanup. The key is I think getting the glow solution in the gel ball.

Very interested in this. Please let us know how your night testing goes with the gels. Will definitely try this myself if it works well.

No worries. Just waiting for uv torch to rock up.

Okay so tried tonight with a glow stick and hydrated balls. Because the balls are already wet they didn’t take the glow stick juice. It just repelled off and stayed in the bottle. Next thing would be to try and soak them a little in the glow juice, but there is not much liquid in a glow stick. Will try again soon and keep you updated

Just read up and see what chemicals are in the sticks before handling them. Im pretty sure there is glass in them. Thats what u crack when u want the glow to start.

Yeah mate. Obviously didn’t let the glass out of the stick, just a small hole in the side and let the liquid poor out

My other concern with the glowing balls is leaving marks on people’s clothes because the packets say the liquid will stain

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The fluid is really oily… not cool when it’s vaporized and gets in your eyes too.

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What about a glow paint from craft shop like the glow body paint that strippers use… i mean that you use for your kids birthday or halloween. Should be non toxic and glow after being charged by a torch.
I will try and get my hands on some of that over the weekend.

Yes I seen some down at my local car shop. It was $10 for a small tin. Again not sure how well it would stick to the balls because they’re wet

Trying to coat the balls when they are hydrated will never work, must get the balls to absorb the glow compound when making them. I would try mixing some of the glow in the dark paint with water, and hydrating the gels with this. Glow stick liquid is not a good idea, would not get absorbed & only lasts for a short time anyway.