FN 5-7 gbb pistol

Hi All,

Did anyone end up getting one of these?

What are they like?

Did you get spare mags?

Photos please


This is as close as people got to them as far as I’m aware.

Unless someone was able to get one through armoured heaven.

Hit Orzo up for all your GBA needs. He’s well invested.

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I wonder if they ever actually got as far as to start the process of the gel conversion over there :rofl: :man_facepalming:

Ask BF, they were the only ones to get hold of a few :rofl:


What is BF ? (i should probably know and will face palm myself once explained)

Border Force :roll_eyes:

D O H !!!

Mental note to self… Add the ‘A’ in front :rofl:

the A stands for assHats

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