FN FS2000 Dive-in and Mods

F2000 - work in progress
a.k.a. Isolation tinkering and warranty voiding.
Roomy, tidy and tangle-free, 220fps stock.


Two questions if you don’t mind?

  1. how does the shell feel? Solid enough?

  2. does it take Gen8 magazines?

I had been tempted but also turned away by the low price…

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I have exactly zero bullbups in my collection.

Now that the p90 has come of age in terms of upgradability…

And I definitely have a thing for the look of the FN.


Price was even less during covid sales.
I dived in not for price but after watching every review I could find.
Attached is a pic of this and variations of the real thing.

I haven’t checked but the mags do resemble shorter M4 mags.

The shell feels solid but light. A dozen screws.
Top rail is a 1 piece and does not need to be unscrewed to open the shell. So any mounted scopes/sights can stay where they are.
Gearbox has 10 screws include a small one.

It didn’t come with weights as seen on some videos. There are slots for 3 bars in the foregrip. I think that’s not well thought out.
As is it feels light and adding any decent optics can make it top heavy.
If the glassware is centred forward of the trigger hand, it wants to tilt forward.

The supplied open sights are too low to be usable.
Add your own and you have to mount a scope further forward than preferable. I added taller open sights but modified the rear one to go where the existing rear sight sits.

Charging slide on LHS is for show only.
Stock butt is rubber lightly-glued at top and bottom.

Mag release is push forward instead of push up. It’s a good fit and once in, mag has minimal play.
Mag catch has a lip that stops mags going straight in. You have to hook it at an angle first like the AKs. I filed it off. :sunglasses:

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@Cruise I like it. Thank you for showing us a pic of the internal layout. I have a thing for certain “bullpups” as but have shouldered very few. How does it feel, are the ergonomics just right, does it feel natural to lift, shoulder and aim OR is it a bit clunky.

Quick Fact about the real steel version. Instead of side ejecting spent shells as is the norm the system operates by accumulating the spent shells in a chamber and then pushing them out the front via a bottom tube, different, interesting, almost unique and nothing less than would be expected from this Belgium Manufacture. Always thinking. the benefits of front ejection are worth the extra complexity.

Great choice to while away the time.

'If you can read this, then thank a teacher, If it is in English, thank a solider"


It is comfy and easy to shoulder.
Grip is more ergo than P90.
Open sights uselessly low.
Strap mounting points I haven’t tested yet.
I did watch several videos of the real thing.
Plenty of praise for the design but several flaws made it a shortlived NATO arm apparently.

  • difficulty of stripping, especially to clear the action should there be a jam
  • poor quality stock scope adding to the fact that it was a skinny, fixed 1.5x that easily went out of alignment. The top shroud and scope was omitted in later models.
    I like the forward ejection on the RHS but would be concerned in having pointed centrefire missfires being pushed out end to end.
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Worth getting at current prices.
220fps stock is respectable.

Gearbox, cylinder, nozzle and t-piece are different and there is an unused semi/auto trigger and switch in there as well.
Seems to be borrowed from another blaster, possibly an AK?

Intergear meshing is via fine teeth with large teeth at pinion and piston engagements. Axial pins are thick and tight-fitting with placements that make aftermarket gears unusable. Looks like it was built for torque. Easy enough to replace with gen 8/9 gearbox. Something worth doing just to change from 370 motor to a 460/480.

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so thats the aug, the p90 and an fn2000

my trio of pups i need for the collection.


Thanks for your thoughts & views on the ergo. you speak of the P90 (another FN beauty, oh how I loved it so when it was first released back in the day, sci-fi)instead of an arse backwards ejection method it has arse 90-degree sideways mag to chamber loading method. They just don’t leave anything alone.

Thank you for the insight to it’s flaws yes indeed a few. Stripping complexity never equates back to simple and straight forward.

Fixed scopes on almost every platform seem to be an issue. PSG-1 I’m looking at you (although that one is almost “off bounds” due to it’s prestige) plus factor in that optics technology rapidly changes and the ability to reconfig the sighting and it does indeed seem illogical, future proof everything I say.

Projectile tip to primer concerns are very much unfounded, especially in this case. however when shock, read recoil, is added as in the case of Tube Fed systems it is taken into account. I am sure you are aware of Round Nose Projectiles for Lever action styles and the like.

I have added a FN F2000 to my ever expanding list of “to gets” but at the moment I am scrimping & saving for my current, everything goes build.

Hope it all goes to plan for you, I am sure it will, good luck with it, give it a stroke for me

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recommendations for supplier?

@zeHamish Armoured Heavan has them “in stock” and for $75.00. Am I missing something, why so cheap, I will have to amend & adjust my above comments about putting off the purchase until finances regenerate, maybe.

I did not search the Vendors Section first as I have not yet loaded them into my search list, something I will get onto soon. I very much like to support any Vendors (RPM Blasters wtf ???) that support this site and therefore by extension the broader Gel Ball Community Interests.

I have not looked at the price of full complete Blasters for a while, something I need to do, what else, what other bargains are out there waiting.


Us old farts have bought 3

#4 Sweethearts hop up was not effective. Will try others later.


Not as pretty but empty slot up front where weights are meant to be can be made to hold a spare mag if needed.


So doing this

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That is a crazy layout, it just seems to all fit.

I have also just received a set of SweetHearts (or have I mentioned that above) though have only trialed one. this God Damn Forum has sucked all the time outta me.

Hope you have continued luck with the BullPup setup, again, nice choice.

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I got one a few weeks ago, and then ordered another last week. I think they feel very solid for a non nylon blaster and when MK Tactical releases a V3 cnc gearbox that will be perfect for it.

Armoured Heaven are the only ones that have any left, and 75 bucks is a steal. I’m wondering if I should get a third one…


Let’s hope they’re not watching and raise the price. LOL

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Hey Arty_Farty, I feel Iv’e made a mistake somewhere, checking, checking, nope all good :blush:.

Good to see ya brah, first and last time typing that word. I would have thought you’d be spending all ya dough on gel, wax, mousse or the like, good for you budgeting so well.

Yeah for $75 I’m thinking about it.

I love the real steel version and would love to see how it feels, does it just feel like an extension of yourself or as I asked @Cruise a bit clunky.

Have fun modding it how you see fit, nice choice

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I wish it broke apart like the real one or the AS one. That way I could just have one lower, and slide on different top rails for whole new looks.

Ah fuck, who am I kidding, I’d still want one of each to hang on the wall…

… But if anyone can get the AS version into Australia (minus the bits that make it AS) let me know as I really want one.

Oh, and @SlingShot, I think they feel ok.

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Speaking of feelings, it feels like an extension (no pun intended) even with my 6 foot frame. The reach, shoulder pad to trigger is a decent 15".
Shouldered with cheek on stock and I’m looking through the centre of the sights/scope. No hunting needed but that’s just me.

HOWEVER, I am going to open it up tomorrow and line the stock with something. There’s room for it.
Having the action right under the ear at full pelt on 11v did hurt my err… feelings. :woozy_face:

Pic for size comparison.