FN FS2000 Dive-in and Mods

What’s stopping me? The half full bottle of 101 sitting on my bar just may have something to do with it :joy:

First thing in the morning I hoe into it. :wink: I’ll get the new thread up and running too.

Apart from the above is going to be beefing up the priming handle, trigger and mag catch… all destined to break for sure. :+1:

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I’m inspired to tinker with the baby EVO.


Well the 12mm spring was fitted and I wasn’t happy with the seal.
So I decided to modify the piston. This would be the smallest o-ring slotted pistonhead I’ve ever made. 16mm.


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One of today’s deliveries changes a few priorities.

No, not the grip, the FS2000 piston with metal ladder. :sunglasses:

FYI. Ordered from ZD on June 18.

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this makes me sad…my zd order well predates that and hasn’t left MY :frowning:

whered you get the sling straps from ? I cant find any that arent just velcro connectors.

I have earlier orders that still haven’t arrived.
It’s a lottery.


Link for that piston and cylinder please😍


Sorry Arty. It’s a little too skinny. F!
Have to wait for G36 gearbox. :frowning:
Or I might do some cutting. This ladder is just glued on and I like to cut. :innocent:

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Ended up replacing missing tooth on ladder with a piece from an old piston using a dovetail joint. Fingers crossed now.


You mean the P90 strap for the FN?

Couldn’t find any in the country so I made my own from nylon webbing, fittings off an old strap and a few bits from Spotlight :+1:


Ah nice. Dovetail’s a good strong joint, should hold. Great way to repurpose. :+1:

What glue did you use? They’re nylon gears, yeah?

Just ordered my grey for the fs200 and in the back of my head…wandering around the house looking for black 30mm to sacrifice to the p90 gods

Or…do I go with bright orange? :thinking:

Yes, they are nylon.
Just superglue. I figured with the forces involved it should work.
If not, I’ll retry using a solvent based adhesive. :grin:

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I’d go the orange, Ze… would suit the colour of your FN. :+1:

I’m seriously considering keeping the Scorpion bright.

The FN gets the grey

That’s what has delayed it’s finish… Finding the right grey

I’m thinking with all the curves that it has, possibly holographic/thermographic paint.

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Where are you getting the G36 box from? Looking for one for my SL8

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Anyone know anything about these things? :thinking:

Anything around in a gel version?