FNQ Gel-Blasting!

Hey guys!
Just started Gel-blasting skirmishes this year and am absolutely loving it! I’ve put together two of my previous games I’ve had and am pretty happy with how they have turned out!
If you’re a fan of the sport and love some good action check them out! :smiley:
Would love to hear some feed back and meet new people in the game!


Mate awesome production! Makes me want to get out n play some more… keep it up!

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Thanks BigWeet! That is the whole point of the gameplay and video!! Bring everyone and anyone into the games and encourage others to want to play even more! :smiley:
If you’re want to share it around be my guest! Get everyone onto it :smiley:

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You have done great job. Fantastic to watch this clip.

Great stuff. Don’t know about playing with no shirt though… Must be collecting bruises to impress his partner haha

Hey Mate,
What cameras are you using, Looking to do some filming of vids in bundaberg.