FOR ALL: a soft discussions

hey guys, gals, kiddles and well…the rest of you.

so i’ve had to stomp a chat today. i dislike moderation and content filtering of any kind but in this instance i sort of needed to.

our sexy cousin (or is it step mother) sport who has all the cool toys, as we know is deemed illegal here in prison island.

as i realise allot of their bits, bling, techniques and such are directly applicable to our sport, the a s references are quite common and for the most part this is ok.

where we leave the world of ok is discussion on actioning things directly involving a s hardware, like umm…importing and such.

don’t do this. lets not inflame the mafia henchmen and give them reasons to have any “legitimate” gripe.

discussions of shimming, builds and such where a s skills, videos and other elements that aren’t outlawed here are perfectly fine.

discussions of conversion from to…whilst i am personally interested…are not ok and put the board in a precarious position.

sorry lads.


100 percent bud…:+1:

Bloody fun police, they’re everywhere. Can’t even do a sick burnout in your own bloody driveway anymore.


My neighbor disagrees with his clubsport :joy:

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