For those whom's dust cover doesn't opening at handle pull

In short, i fixed the issue,
just cut a little bit of thin carboard or something to into a U shape and space back the little latch, and it will open when you pull the charge handle, and here is the rough size of that U shape piece

In long, if anyone interested on reading :sweat_smile:
So the dust cover on my gen9 only opens when the charge handle springs back,
originally i thought that was how gen9’s are,
and actually saw a vid on youtube tested couple gen9 and found out that’s how they are from factory,
i was gonna accept that as fate and move onto next issue…

but NO!
as a AR fanboy, it must function as close to original as possible!! :joy:,
so i was mucking around with it today, and notice if i hold the dust cover in a little by hand gently,
then it will click open at charge handle pull O_o…
it seems the dust cover is not closed 100%, more like 98%ish?
and for what ever reason that’s enough to allow the charge handle slide pass it during the pulling action, and only knocking it open by force when spring back.

it seems the issue is that there is a bit of play where that little latch is,
so i opened it up, tried different ways to space it out and failed,
end up cutting up a little piece of cardboard and that seems to do the trick :neutral_face:

so you open it up,
Be extremely careful not to lose that little screw and tiny spring (took me about an hour to find my spring… thank fk i found it :expressionless:)
cut up a little piece of chosen material roughly to size and place it on the running channel of the latch,
put everything back in
and bob is your uncle (??)

Side note:
just notice a little issue,
now if i tap, or push the bottom left corner (looking at the dust cover while its closed),
basicly where the rod is, the cover will flip open :expressionless:
so maybe i have spaced it out too much…
but that is acceptable for me at the moment,
just a heads up to anyone doing this “fix” this could be one potential “issue”