Formerly tan JM ACR J10

Interior (minimal at this point):

  • alloy barrel (40cm, 7.5mm ID)
  • replaced busted t-piece ( :grimacing:)


  • Set of super cheap rails from Aliexpress
  • 3D printed hopup
  • 3D printed / PVC pipe suppressor/barrel brace (shorter version for original barrel here)
  • 3D printed outer barrel brace (thanks @excalibre!)
  • 3D printed torch holders for the random spare torch I had at home (plus torch)
  • Red dot laser
  • A whole whack of paint

Google Photos


great paint job and a nice looking blaster :kissing:

Thanks @MildewJRā€¦ Iā€™m pretty happy with how it turned out. Be interesting to see how it holds up after a few more days in the field. Just one outing at Donnybrook since the paint job so far.

That looks mint!
Curious on what kinda of paint and primer did u use o.o?

Mostly Rustoleum 2X acrylic, which has primer built-in (the black, brown and grey). Random other acrylic (white Knight I think) for the other colours (green and tan/sand).

Rustoleum Camo probably better than the White Knight, but also twice the price near here.