FPS Limits on Games

Hey everyone, I have two questions.

  1. Do any fields enforce FPS limits in public games? Like airsoft does.

  2. Obviously there will be a point at which FPS increases will actually ruin Accuracy and Distance has anyone come up with the numbers at what the ballpark FPS ceiling is for our 7mm Gels?

hey Rockz

there are a ton of variables involved in fps, range & accuracy and whilst some basic values are reasonably consistent its a bit of an art form.

many fields limit to 300fps which tbh is plenty more than is required to have a good game and not suffer stock disadvantage.

its probably best to have an end game, a goal in mind before heading down the fps / accuracy route.

my most accurate blaster only pushes 260 and it gets the best range also.

my 350 blaster goes hard and well but falls short of the 260 by about 5+mtrs

Ok cool thanks for the input. So 260 to 300 is a pretty good fps range for our 7mm gels. That give me a target for mods.

you could upgrade the motor in your gearbox, higher speed the motor, faster firing rate.

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