Frankentorque motor

Anyone built a frankentorque motor.

I’m in the process of attempting to build two.
I have neodymium cans and I believe 28 or 32 TPA armatures.

But the armatures are slightly smaller than the element 18TPA armature (middle)

Will it make difference?


yes. less resistance from the magnets. could remove the magnets and space them out closer to the armature.this vid on you tube of a guy doing it to make his motor perform better.


Only one way to find out… :+1::crazy_face:

Sorry I should have said the armature is slightly shorter, the diameter is the same.
I had one running and it sounds feels really nice so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4:

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you would just have to use a little nylon shim/washer so the armature can’t go backwards and forwards in the can, which may have the brushes slipping off of the side of the commutator?:thinking:

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All sorted

Just need pinion gears to test in my blaster.
Shimmed the magnets in one, could probably add another piece of tape to bring it closer.

I can pick up a 2.5kg weight with these motors​:joy::joy:


Wow, nice work dude!

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Just found a brushless :exploding_head:

There was some talk a while ago about brushless, They look really good

Did anyone get them to work with a powered gel magazine?

Why wouldn’t they work?

$98 usd daily deal. anyone wanna crowd fund me one to try?
Paypal exchange rate plus shipping probably end being around $180 aud ouch

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Could see if one of the suppliers would do a bulk buy for us?

Because they are 3 phase motors and you would need to to switching the power from the battery to the mag as well as switching the battery to the esc(mosfet) , the battery wires are going to the esc(mosfet) and that inverts dc to ac 3phase then controls the motor.
But I can’t see why it couldn’t be done just need some nutting out.

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Spring fed mags. With the new harder gels there shouldn’t be any reason spring fed mags shouldn’t work.

Spring fed mags don’t work well with gels, they rust out really quickly.

The mag motor doesn’t need a mosfet, it won’t pull any amps to worry about, just connect that to the trigger switch

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They do work as is seen in the P90 but it’s not great especially if you want large capacity mags they tend to chew gels and give feed issues.
Plus the fact that there isn’t any available and making them seems a lot of buggering around when we have motors that work fine now.
Don’t get me wrong I love brushless motors and the control they offer.

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You can’t because you would be feeding high voltage into the signal wire to the esc(mosfet)
Maybe with diodes you might be able to do it

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Double pole double throw switch on trigger?

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Yes that would work, it might work as it is but I would need to see how they are wired

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