FS 13:1 BigRRR CNC gear sets with bearing

Item : 13:1 BigRRR CNC gear sets with bearing
From China
Fit V2 gearbox and gen 8 , gen 9 , slr ,and J 10 ACR
Link : https://www.chgbbs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=561


are you selling this ?

Look on his web shop, really good stuff :+1:


Yeah is it our website

What’s the postage time to Australia like at the moment?

my last order from chgbbs …

ordered 4th May

sent from china 7th May

at my house (in SA) 22nd May

That is with the more expensive air express freight option.

It is about 2-3weeks normally ,but hard to guarantee the delivery time at the moment .We post the parcel to China post after order placed ,but they will wait for the flight there .

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