FS 19mm and 14mm thread short silencer

Item :FS 19mm and 14mm thread short silencer
New , one side fit 19mm OD barrel , one side fit 14mm ccw thread outer barrel

Price :$6 USD
Link :https://www.chgbbs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=555

I ordered two of these but got a completely different type that are longer

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Hi Ross, I just rechecked the order , we should make a mistake sending the wrong one .
Will resend 2 of that short silencer and keep you posted the tracking then .


Thank you John, absolutely fantastic service and back up as allways :+1:

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No problem at all mate !


If you don’t need one, let me know!

So, are these a problem via import and the ABF?

I haven’t had a problem so far

Oh and the replacement ones John sent me passed through customs this morning :+1:

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Ok, so are you applying to import or just shipping them in as they are?

Just ordered them no permit
This was the 3rd time I ordered suppressors from John

Well just ordered some more bits, so see who l go here in SA.

My replacement silencers showed up today !
7 days from complaint to new ones in my hand , now that is what I call service!
They are very nice quality too, thank you @Chenghaigelblaster :+1:


sometimes whining gets action like

Other times… not so much badluck

Glad it worked out :+1:

Hi rattler,

If you are looking to offload one of the longer silencer I’m actually chasing one at the moment. Does it have 14mm reverse thread and removable adaptor?? I’m looking at running one over the top of hopup so need to be easily removed with base plate kept in place. Happy to buy one off you?

Let me know

Nah not interested in parting with them.
Yes they have a 14mm LH thread and can take them apart

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Hi mate, this is the new one and just could use 14mm thread

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Cool I’ll take a look thank you


I actually ordered a Barrel off you yesterday 350mm 7.3 stainless should have ordered the suppressor as well haha!!! oh well i think its probably better if i get the barrel fitted and take some measurements for the size suppressor i need.

Hi… Total noob here trying to order parts…!
Are handguard internal dimensions universal?
I want to fit a 40mm suppressor under a handguard (I want to fill the handguard for the look, and for the support), but can’t find the particular handguard dimensions… Found this thread looking for fitment advice.
Alternatively; any suggestions for a guard/suppressor combo that will achieve this will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any help.