FS 2x APS SilverEdge gearbox shells SOLD

Item: 2x APS Silveredge gearbox shells
Description: Near new SilverEdge shells from APS. One is out of a new MPX, the other purchased as a replacement box which never got fitted. Both have been stripped for parts and are ideal for those suffering from a cracked box and can transplant their existing internals.
Price: $90 each or $150 if you want to take both
Location: Brisbane, Carindale
New or Used: Used
Condition: Perfect
Extra information: Happy to ship at buyers expense or pick up if you’re a local.

I’ll take both. If it hasn’t already been. Taken

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PM me bro there yours.

Perfect, I can’t seem to find the PM function on this forum, I think because I’m new, it might be disabled?

click on his name and click the blue “message” button?

It doesn’t have it for some reason, we’re in contact now though.

like you said, must be because you are new. You gain access to certain features the more active you are on the forum. Good to hear you are in contact