FS: Camo pants size 34 desert digital - new

Item: Desert Digi Camo Pants size 34._
Description: Brand new camo pants, bought them but they sent a size 34, and i am a size 36 so bugger, I was going to chop them up and modify them to fix, but i thought rather sell them perfectly new to someone who would love them and save them some $_
Location: Hervey Bay, QLD._

New or Used: New
Condition: These pants are surprisingly really well made, sturdy and feel really durable, like tough and could take battlefield beatings, I can post them to buyer

Pictures: As for pictures, ill try to upload them i dont know how to use this forum yet.

_ Does that work?

Price: $60 postage included to Australia._


I got it modified by a dressmaker, can now wear them, hehe China pants are ALWAYS a size 1 or 2 to small.