FS: JinMing M4 Gen8 - Modified

Item: JinMing M4 Gen8 - Modified .
Description: Near new modified JM M4 Gen8 with lots of spare parts.
Location: Adelaide

New or Used: Used
Condition: Nearly perfect, never used for games, just shot couple of mags at the back yard.
Extra information:
Mods internal:
1.2 mm spring;
Brown o-ring;
Brass cylinder head with nozzle;
33.5 cm inner barrel + T-piece;

Mods external:
35 cm threaded outer barrel;
6.7 inch AR15 M4 Handguard (tan);
Triangle foregrip;
HK416-style buttstock (tan);
Metal adapter ring for handguard;
Metal magazine;
Reflex sight (tan);

Additional spare parts:
Metal buffer tube;
Stock nylon magazine;
Tan J10 magazine;
27.5 cm inner barrel + T-piece;
35 cm outer barrel;
DK J8S Hopup;
All the stock parts that were replaced (buttstock, handguard, inner barrel, sight, spring);

Willing to sell everything together.
I just don’t need it anymore, it’s sitting on the bench and gathering dust.
$350 for everything.
Pickup in North-Western suburbs of Adelaide.
Can send more pictures if required.


Price drop to 300.

Dropping price to 250.

drop to 220?

possible to pickup in cbd (or drop off at stax skirmish?)

have you tried using it with 11.1v?

Haven’t tried 11v, just shot several mags with the stock battery.
250 and pickup from Unley (Greenhill road).

Is this still available?

Yes, it is.

What type of gears and gearbox does it have?

All stock Gen8.

ok thanks, will do some more research

Dropping price to $230.

Dropping price to $220.

Dropping price to $200.